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Are aliens real

Well Are aliens real or are they something that us humans like to believe exist. 

There is no evidence which can guarantee that aliens exist, but this does not mean that aliens are not real. There is plenty of evidence that suggests they do exist and may have even once visited our planet Earth. 

As I said none of this evidence is enough proof to say aliens exist, but it is unxeplainable so it is still open for investigaion. The majority of videos and photographs are never acceptable as they are one of the easiest things to edit using a pc with the correct software. I believe the only way everyone would believe they exist is if a real life alien o ... Read more »
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George Bernard Shaw once said "We learn from history that we learn nothing from history". This saying is fitting to this peice of evidence that seems to suggest the phenomenon of UFO's has been around since the start of human civilization and yet it is consistently dismissed by so called experts. Today most of the UFO sightings are often brushed a side with the experts saying is was military testing new technological weaponry or new plane, but this can't be an explanation when human flight was impossible. 

The picture of the painting below titled The Madonna with Saint Giovannino dates back to around the 15th century. The painting has the Virgin Mary in the foreground, and in the background there is a man looking up in awe at an object in the sky that today we would call it a UFO. 

This is just one example of UFO's in ancient art. There are several thousand examples of what appears to be flying objects in the sky in many ... Read more »
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Stephen Hawking believes that alien life exist;
Are there Aliens? Stephen Hawking believes so. He has a long-held belief that intelligent aliens are more than likely going to exist. He also believes if an intlelligent extraterrestrial life form visited are planet Earth in the present-day humanity would have very unfortunate consequences for us. 

He says "To anybody who has logic it is perfectly rational for us to think about other life forms on other planet. If aliens ever did visit out planet, I think the outcome would be similiar to when Christopher Columbus first stepped on to American land, Which fot the Native Americans turned out pretty bad."

In the last three years ... Read more »
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We are in contact with Aliens says Dr Edgar Mitchell.

Apollo 14 astronaut says we are in contact with aliens and its been covered up for over 60 years

The sixth man to walk on the moon has claimed that Aliens have contacted humans on several occasions, but the governments have hidden this from the public for more than 60 years.

Dr Edgar Mitchell, (The apollo 14 astronaut) said that he has been aware of many UFO visits to Earth in his time working for NASA and each time it was covered up. In a radio interview he said sources from the space agency who had been in contact with Aliens have all described the beings as "little people who look s ... Read more »
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UFO in area 51
Area 51 has consistently hit the headlines for many reasons. It is a base used by the military for practice often referred to as a detachment of one of US’s airbase known as Edward’s Air base. Nonetheless, it non-appearance in official maps has sparked lots of controversy amongst local and foreign population. Located west of the U.S, it remains a lead area which has been associated with UFO sightings in the recent past. At the center of Area 51 is an extensive air-field used by the US military although primary usage remains mysterious to many. Nonetheless, past historical occurrences seem to support the idea that is meant for experimental innovation works and investigation of advanced aircraft and weaponry systems? 
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We don't really have a sure answer and we can't make a sure statement that alien life exist or not but here are;
                                SOME Signs That Alien/Extra-Terrestrial Life May Exist;
Whether aliens exist or not is a question that everyone has been pondering over for quite a few years now. There are a lot of eminent people who insist that aliens are real and support their claim with a lot of very convincing examples. Aliens visiting the Earth and befriending or destroying mankind has been a topic of many popular science-fiction movies and every time we come out of a movie theater after watching a film that is alien centered we end up ... Read more »
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