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Stephen Hawking believes that alien life exist.....
Stephen Hawking believes that alien life exist;
Are there Aliens? Stephen Hawking believes so. He has a long-held belief that intelligent aliens are more than likely going to exist. He also believes if an intlelligent extraterrestrial life form visited are planet Earth in the present-day humanity would have very unfortunate consequences for us. 

He says "To anybody who has logic it is perfectly rational for us to think about other life forms on other planet. If aliens ever did visit out planet, I think the outcome would be similiar to when Christopher Columbus first stepped on to American land, Which fot the Native Americans turned out pretty bad."

In the last three years Stephen Hawking has been working on a documantary that is reportedyl exercising firm editorial control. The show will feature speculative scenes of possible alien life in different habitats, including the oeans of europa on the moon of jupiter.

Hawking considers that any alien life would be generally the same as the life which has existed on earth, such as microbes or simple animal forms.

With over a hundred billion galaxies with potentially another hundred billion stars in them, Hawking beleives intelligent life is definately possible. He even considers the possibility of this intelligent life been so technoligically advanced it can easily travel across interstellar distances. He thinks it is unwise for humanity to try and attract the attention of such voyagers, by using the controversial practice of beaming out Active SETI signals, for instance.

Hawking says "If we take a look at ourselves we could see how intelligent life might develop into something we would not want to meet "I imagine they might exist in huge ships, having used up the resources from their home planet. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads which are looking to conquer and colinise whatever planets they can reach"

The idea of massive alien spaceships moving across the galaxy from star to star at a small fraction of the speed of light is a common movie about science-fiction. There could be a possibility for a ship and its technology to be primitive enough that aliens may need "resources" from our planet.

Alternatively these aliens may have originally evolved on an earthlike world, there goal may be just to seize and colonise ours, regardless of the situation on there home planet they may just want another. The fact that these aliens could possible cross interstellar distances would tend to suggest they have the technology to wipe out humanity or enslave us.

Given that those parts of humanity with resources to spare show no serious interest in developing space travel capabilities of our own, it would seem that Prof Hawking is right and we'd do well to keep our heads down least we draw the attention of some race a bit more interested in the universe around it.

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