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Do Alien Life Exist???
We don't really have a sure answer and we can't make a sure statement that alien life exist or not but here are;
                                SOME Signs That Alien/Extra-Terrestrial Life May Exist;
Whether aliens exist or not is a question that everyone has been pondering over for quite a few years now. There are a lot of eminent people who insist that aliens are real and support their claim with a lot of very convincing examples. Aliens visiting the Earth and befriending or destroying mankind has been a topic of many popular science-fiction movies and every time we come out of a movie theater after watching a film that is alien centered we end up asking ourselves 'do aliens exist?', 'are aliens real?'.

Well, films aside, there is now some pretty scientific proof that aliens actually do exist and we might just be visited by our friends from other planets sometime in the future.

5 Convincing Proofs

1) With numerous stars, alien life is probable: Although there is no direct proof the aliens exist, it is notable that the universe is home to a lot of stars and past research has shown that at least 50% of these stars harbor planets. Scientists have estimated that there are about a trillion planets in the Milky Way alone. It is very much possible that at least some out of these planets have undergone changes like the Earth and developed life.

2) Water occurs on planets other than Earth: Water, as we all know, is very important for life and research has revealed that liquid water is pretty common in our solar system. Scientists have shared evidence of existence of water on Mars. Europe (one of the moons of Jupiter) also seems to have an ocean in liquid form. Evidence of water has also been found on Venus, Titan and Enceladus (Saturn's moons) and Jovian moons Ganymede and Callisto.

3) Life in earth evolved real quickly: Earth's age has often been estimated at about 4.5 billion years. With regards to the earliest evidence for life, it comes from 3.4 billion year old mats of bacteria found in Australia (known as stromatolites). Scientists have time and again insisted that even bacteria are biologically complex and there are good chances that the ones in Australia arose from a life form that landed on Earth even earlier.

4) Life seems to thrive in extreme conditions: Almost everywhere that scientist go on Earth, no matter how deep, dark or extreme the conditions, they end up finding life. Life can exist in the toughest of conditions and there are good chances that the universe is filled with living places that are tough and extreme. Mars is said to have a very harsh environment, but there are some microbes on Earth that can easily survive in places with harsh conditions.

5) Incoming signals: Scientists looking for answers to questions like do aliens exist and are aliens real frequently harness some of the largest radio telescopes in the world to find some signal that aliens might be trying to communicate with us. Some of the evidence has raised alarm, but it has often been dismissed as 'human interference'. The most convincing signal, however, was recorded on August 15, 1977 during a search that was carried at the Big Ear Observatory at the Ohio State University. The signal has never been explained but when recorded, it amazed scientists enough to write 'Wow!' on the printout of the same.

A look at these very convincing proofs would lead us to strongly believe that aliens, in fact, do exist and they are very real. There are always going to be skeptics but more and more scientific evidence is coming in everyday and one day, very soon it seems, when someone asks questions like do aliens exist or are aliens are, there will be a resounding 'yes!'.

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